My Compositional Philosophy


30 Italian Arias of the Baroque and Classical Periods

Vocal/Piano NO YES
Ave Maria Vocal/Piano YES NO
A la Russe Men's Choral NO NO
L'Allemagne Men's Choral NO NO
Cloudy or Clear Vocal/Orchestral YES NO
Darkness of the Nhight/Japonesque Vocal/Instrumental NO NO
Fields of Elysium Vocal/Piano YES YES
Gentle Anna: a Comedic Opera in 3 Acts Opera NO YES [piano score]
Das Grabenstetterlied Men's Choral NO YES
Greensleeves Vocal/Piano NO NO
How Much I Love You Vocal/Instrumental YES YES
Kinderwalzer Piano YES NO
Liebeslied Piano YES NO
More Than Friends Vocal/Instrumental YES YES
The Photographer Vocal/Piano NO NO
Salve Regina Vocal/Piano YES NO

PLEASE NOTE: All of my compositions are copyrighted with the United States Copyright Office. If you want to enjoy them at home, at your piano, feel free to download the music at no cost. If you wish to publicly perform or record any of the works, please contact me. For the most part, I will happily let the works be performed for free, provided that I am credited with their composition and I receive proof of that credit (digital copy of program, etc.) For inclusion on an album, or larger for-profit venture, the performer will need to secure a mechanical license from me.